My stage name in can can room is Bella. I started off dancing in April 2014 so I have dance in Vegas and as well as California. It wasn’t really something I thought I would done. I work in a stable regular job and I was only getting paid $9.50 hourly, which didn’t help cause I was alone out here in Las Vegas. I’m a single mother and had a small apartment at the time so it was the only option I had. And still even though today I make little more then I do now holding onto my job I worked for 10 years I continue to dance cause having one income wasn’t enough. I don’t get assistance or I don’t get childsupport from my child father who is absent. I have never did any illegal activity, I never done drugs and I have never been arrested. I’m just a single that’s trying the best for my child. I will never do any illegal activity cause my child won’t have both parents and I won’t leave my child a orphan. I have never seen alcohol in the can can room. Sam AlDabbagh never asked to preform sexual acts with any customers of Sam or him. I have never saw any illegal occur in the can can room. I have my sheriff card and it never has been withheld from me or kept away from me by the staff of can can room. Plenty of times customers gets aggressive and touchy. The staff in can can room would kick then out. I seen woman being kicked out can can room for doing things they should not be doing, I know staff and Mr. AlDabhagh monitors cameras at all times. And they would post reviews of the club on the internet making false accusations online just cause they are upset they got caught and kicked out. I feel the accusations against Sam AlDabbagh and the club is completely absurd. If the accusations was to be true of being a illegal brothel, us dancers wouldn’t have a regular 9-5 jobs. Our children would be in private schools, we would have nice houses, Maserati or paid off cars and plastic surgery. But we have regular jobs, apartments, car payments or drive a older model cars. With the last few years this club is home. Now that the club is closed cause of false accusations. I know some of us is worried on how we are gonna get you if we have to continue going to other strip clubs to pay a lot money on house fees.
So I’m writing this cause all of us dancers and staff are just regular people. just cause we work in a environment like this sex industry we aren’t less then anybody we are just the same. Some of us may not like being treated aggressively or being followed home . I had staff to walk me to my car many times the man was waiting for me outside the club and the staff saw him and let him leave first before I did . But we stuck it up and go back to work cause we have bills, rent and children to support, like I have by myself for the last few years. So yes I depend on this club like the rest of staff and dancers, cause this club kept a roof over my child head, electricity, babysitting fees, hot meals, warm bath, clothes and shoes on my child. I didn’t choose to be a dancer it was a choice to make sure my child is OK.
I want the people of this town to revolt. this is an injustice done to this kind and honest guy. When I talk to him, he says leave it alone little one, there is God up there . He will take care of them.


Bobby writes,

Imagine this … you come to this country (legally). You go to school. Finish high school. You go to big recognized college. Get a very high recognized engineering degree. That is my boss. Not a bum. He worked in his major for a while then opened and started his own businesses. Not one, not two BUT many straight businesses. He owned Restaurant, arcade for kids, theater, hotel, reservation agency, Yes also strip clubs. all these were successful businesses. He had contributed a lot towards the local economy, He operated on the right side of the law for more than four decades! Despite your Steller record within the community, a very large and powerful corporation quietly purchases the land that one of your businesses sits on. They then hire a private detective in a vein attempt to gather “dirt.” Shortly thereafter, METRO conducts a raid on the business and his business license is revoked!

Although this sounds like a fictional nightmare, sadly, it is the reality for my boss – Sam Aldabbagh, owned and operated his businesses here in Nevada for 40 years. I have had the honor to work for Sam for nearly 30 years at the Can Can Room, a business which has sadly been shut down since its business license was revoked several months ago.

Ironically, Sam is the antithesis of a typical “strip club” owner in virtually every respect. He is motivated by his pride, his love of his family, friends and employees, and his dedication to this community that he has called home for more than 40 years. While most club owners are driven only by the bottom line. Sam has always allowed his strong moral compass to guide his path. I have never seen him smoke, drink or touch drug. I have personally witnessed his generosity of spirit and I have seen how his willingness to go above and beyond for so many of his employees has literally saved lives. He owned horse ranches in many states. he trained, owned and bred horses. He won many races with his horses. Many of you horse lovers have heard of Sudden Sam .

Sam is not someone who deserves the treatment that he has received. However, this important aspect of this story has not been discussed by local media. This is why I have chosen to share this message with you and I implore you to assist me in getting this message out to as many people as possible.

Thank you!



Allison Miller

February 25 at 1:36 AM


I have had the honor and privilege of working for Sam Aldabbagh, owner of the Can Can Room, for more than six years. As many of you are likely aware, the world-famous club has been closed for several months as Sam appeals Clark County’s decision to revoke the club’s business license.

There have been a number of local and national articles related to these events, however, the coverage has been unfair at best, telling a story developed and pitched by the new owners of the land that the club sits on, the Siegel Group. As someone who knows Sam well and has considered the Can Can Room an extended family, I think the public deserves to know the following key information that has somehow been lost in the dialog thus far:

– Sam is a consummate professional & family man. Unlike many owners in the strip club business, Sam has always treated his employees with care and respect, often going above and beyond when one of us needs assistance. In addition, he does not drink, smoke or partake in any type of recreational drug use – in fact, he never has.

– The Can Can Room was successfully ran by Sam for more than 40 years as a sole owner with no corporations or other entities to hide behind. During that time the club received only a few violations from government enforcement agencies – guaranteed less than any other strip club in town. In addition, Sam has owned and operated a very successful motel on the Las Vegas Strip for the past four decades.

– The Club has served as a home-away-from-home for many employees, thanks to the inclusive environment established by Sam. In fact, the vast majority of dancers have chosen to refrain from working at any other strip club during the closure.

Whether its providing free legal representation for an employee, or paying for a dancer to seek needed rehab, Sam has consistently served as an example for owners in this field by putting people over profits. While this important message has been relayed to media, including the Las Vegas Review-Journal (in the form of a submitted “letter to the editor”), it has not reached a wider audience. Instead the Siegel Group has established the framework for the discussion surrounding this Las Vegas institution. This is why I’ve chosen to share this message with you and I implore you to assist in spreading the word. Please post this message to your Facebook page, and / or anywhere it can be seen by a larger audience.

Thank you!