Can Can Room is looking for girls, 18 years and older, attractive and sexy looking.  NO experience required for this job. WE WILL TRAIN YOU… Make money fast and a lot of it, try it one night. MAKE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS. Very friendly and productive co-workers. Private shows are sold on the premises. MAKE TOP $$$.  Please email resume if available and photos to  cancansam1@aol.com.
we will get back to you.

Note: If you are from out of town and have been qualified for the job, we can accommodate you with free lodging on the fabulous strip.

Looking for attractive girls with friendly personality to work as a waitress at very popular strip club, 18 years and older. Your job is to receive, greet and serve customers with a friendly approach. It is a fun place to work at. Make the big buck,  good daily pay, tips and commissions . Average earning for a week $800 to $1000 a week …Only little experience is required. No nudity required. It is very quiet and relaxing surroundings. Email resume if available and photos to cancansam1@aol.com

If you are applying in person at the Can Can Room after 8 PM, tell them the owner sent you … The manager will interview you and answer all your questions and set you up to work if you qualify.



Features – If you are sick of paying commission to agencies, and fees to work in a club, work part time at the Can Can, where you get paid and guaranteed over $2,000 a week! If you have made a few successful porn movies and live in Las Vegas, you are welcome to get in touch with Sam through text (702) 576-3007, I can setup a schedule for you to work part time or part shift and make a very good income.  

Qualifications – Must be at least 18 years old, no experience necessary.

Dancers – Work at the most popular strip club in Las Vegas. Only seconds away from Las Vegas strip! A dancer here at the CAN CAN ROOM can easily make $500 a night, even at slow nights. There is no house fees … No required tipping for employees. You can keep all the stage tips. Girls get additional commissions for showing up on time.

Waitresses & Hostesses — You can make BIG $$ hit the Jackpot in a very classy and relaxed atmosphere. $12.00 an hour + 10% commission on everything you sell + tips. Present waitresses make over $500 a week. Get paid cash daily.

Bartenders & Security –  You can make over $100 a shift. Inquire within for all positions. Paid $12 + Commission + good tips generated from the girls, customers and drivers who hustle customers to the club.

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