Reviews - Can Can Room is Las Vegas's oldest totally nude club. Operating since the late 70s alot of things have changed in 30 plus years but The Can Can Room's commitment to bringing you the best in adult entertainment has stayed constant. We are currently in the beginning stages of joining a lawsuit against the web site Yelp. There are many active lawsuits against this company for unjust reviews and recommendations. We invite you to look at the website and look for our reviews but also look in the FILTERED reviews area. We believe that they are filtered simply do to the fact that The Can Can room DOES NOT PAY for reviews. Below are some links regarding current lawsuits against YELP accusing them of unjust practices. We invite anyone to come to the Can Can Room and see for yourself how incorrect they are.

Class Action Lawsuit - A Class Action Lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles CA he suit alleges that the site tried to get a Long Beach veterinary hospital named Cats and Dogs Animal Hospital to pay $300 a month for a minimum 12 month commitment to suppress or delete reviews that disparaged the hospital. READ MORE

Yelp and the Business of Extortion 2.0 - Local business owners say Yelp offers to hide negative customer reviews of their businesses on its web site - for a price READ MORE
away from the Las Vegas strip!

Complaints Against Yelp's Extortion Practices Grow Louder -- Yelp has been hit with another lawsuit, the third in a matter of a few weeks. This one from Renaissance Furniture Restoration in San Francisco READ MORE

Yelp Accused of Five-Star Review Extortion 2011Texas-based Cavalli Pizza is accusing the review website Yelp of removing over 20 four- and five-star reviews and then having their salespeople repeatedly call them up with the offer that "it would get better" if the pizzeria advertised. READ MORE

Wall Street JournalSmall Businesses Join Lawsuit Against Yelp READ MORE


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