Mike Alrock
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Imagine this…you immigrate to this country (legally), attend school and graduate from college…you apply what you’ve learned by starting not one, but two, successful small businesses in Southern Nevada. Both businesses contribute towards the local economy, both employ Southern Nevada residents and both have operated on the right side of the law for more than four decades!

Despite your steller record within the community, a very large and powerful corporation quietly purchases the land that one of your businesses sits on. They then hire a private detective in a vain attempt to gather “dirt” on the business.  Shortly thereafter, METRO conducts a raid on the business and the business license is revoked.

Although this sounds like a fictional nightmare, sadly, it is the reality for my boss – Sam Aldabbagh, The owner and operator of the Diamond Inn Motel and the Can Can Room. I have had the honor to work for him for more than 30 years at 10 s of businesses he owned and operated all over the country.

The Can Can Room one of them a business, which has sadly been shut down since its business license was revoked over one year ago. Even other clubs are closed. My boss still fighting for him and his family Ironically, Sam is a typical “strip club” owner in virtually every respect. He is motivated by his pride, his love of the family, friends and employees, and his dedication to this community that he has called home for more than 40 years. While most club owners are driven only by the bottom line.

Sam has always allowed his strong moral compass to guide his path. I have personally witnessed his generosity of spirit and I have seen how his willingness to go beyond for so many of his employees has literally saved lives.

Sam is not someone who deserves the treatment that he has received. However, this important aspect of this story has not been discussed by local media. This is why I have chosen to share this message with you and I implore you to assist me in getting this message out to as many people as possible.


Mike Alrock